A production house supporting projects in the whole of mainland China.
We have available production offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Zibo, Shenzhen, Guilin and Kunming.

Shot in Beijing SOHO CBD for the European market.

Shot at the Great Wall in Hebei, Jinshanling. More than 200 extras. For the Latin American market.

Shot in Xingping, Guilin along the Li River. For the CIS & Russian martket.

Shot in Himalayans near Stone Drum. For the Korean market.

Shot in Songzanlin Temple in the Himalayans. For the Azerbaijan Market.

Shot in Huangshan, Anhui. For the Indonesian market.

Shot at the Shanghai Stock Exchange for the international market.

Shot in Beijing & Hebei. For the Pakistan telecom.

Shot in around Shanghai. For the Eurpean market.